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razor for Gillette mach 3  hardwood shaving razor
razor for Gillette mach 3  hardwood shaving razor
The Ace
The Ace

Imperium Razors

The Ace

Rosewood can be obtained from trees that grow all over the world. Ours is sustainably sourced from Central America, where it is often called by its other name, “cocobolo”. Prized for its use in furniture, instruments, and carving, this is an extremely strong, durable wood, with a prominent dark grain that resembles flames or waves. If your taste in décor leans mid-century-modern, then rich, warm Rosewood is for you.

Blade FitsGillette Mach 3
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Every Imperium Razor is:

- Hand turned and made in Baltimore, Maryland
- Unique - Every wood grain is different and beautiful
- Water resistant Cirolex coating 
- Comes in gift box
- Free Priority shipping (6-8 business days)
- Crafted from start to finish in the USA
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