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acrylic gillette razor
acrylic gillette razor

Imperium Razors

The Portia [Mach3/Venus]

Swirled Blue acrylic accented with chrome fittings, this razor is made to last and fits the industry leading Gillette Mach 3 and Venus blades for the closest shave you can get.  This elegant and well balanced razor features an attractively swirled handle and chrome finish. As with any Imperium razor it is constructed with the highest quality. An instant upgrade to your shaving routine.
* Hand turned razor
* Each with unique mixed acrylic
* Includes one new Gillette cartridge
* Fits Gillette Mach 3 and Venus blade heads
* Comes in gift box
* Free Domestic Priority shipping (7-10 business days)
* Handmade in the USA
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