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The Meridian [Mach3/Venus]
The Meridian [Mach3/Venus]

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The Meridian [Mach3/Venus]

Handmade Olive wood shaving kit complete with custom razor handle, premium shaving brush and heavy stand all made from a single piece of sustainable wood. Accented with chrome fittings for a heavy and substantial feel that will dress up any decor.The razor handle fits the popular Gillette Mach 3 and Venus cartridges. 
About our brushes: Each shaving brush is made from hand selected Ubersoft III synthetics that exceed the performance of top quality silver tipped knots.  We are dedicated to sustainable and ecologically responsible production and do not use animal products for our brushes. Beyond this, studies have shown that high quality synthetic knots carry more lather, apply more softly and last twice as long as badger knots. Our knots are hand bound from Ubersoft III fibers and look indistinguishable from silver tipped badger hide, only much softer.  
- Hand turned razor 
- Each razor has its own unique wood grain
- Water resistant Cirolex coating 
- Includes one new Gillette cartridge
- Fits Gillette Mach 3 and Venus blade heads
- Comes in gift box
- Free Priority shipping (5-7 business days)
- Crafted from start to finish in the USA
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