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shaving set Olive wood Imperium shaving
shaving set Olive wood Imperium shaving

Imperium Razors

The Asteri in Black Titanium [Fusion]

This deluxe shaving set made from a solid block of premium, sustainable Olive wood. The razor fits the premium Fusion blades and will not only give you a perfectly shave but it will add an instant upgrade to your bathroom style. This set is finished in our exclusive Black Titanium metal that has a slightly darker shine. Complete with a matching stand made from the same piece of wood, you simply can't find a better shaving set.  
- Hand turned razor 
- Each razor has its own unique wood grain
- Water resistant Cirolex coating 
- Includes one new Gillette cartridge
- Fits Gillette Fusion blade heads
- Comes in gift box
- Free Priority shipping (5-7 business days)
- Crafted from start to finish in the USA
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