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The Babylon Set
The Babylon Set

Imperium Razors

The Babylon Set

The Babylon set: a hand-turned razor and matching stand.

Made of solid olivewood, sourced from the branches of living olive trees in Bethlehem that date back 2000 years, making it sustainable and remarkable for both its beauty and meaningful history.

Olivewood is prized for its unique, shallow swirls that give even the smallest pieces a visibly distinctive pattern. This handle is the choice for someone who feels connected to the history of the Mediterranean and Middle East, the biblical era, or someone who simply appreciates the elegant look of a fine wood grain.

Pictured with black titanium metal finishings. Also available in chrome.

Each Imperium razor:

  • Is hand-turned, with its own unique wood grain
  • Is customized to fit the blade of your choice
  • Includes one free blade cartridge
  • Is coated with a water-resistant Cirolex finish
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • Includes free Priority shipping (6-8 business days)
  • Is made in the USA from start to finish
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