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The Rio Brush Kit

Tigerwood, from the Goncalo Alves tree, grows in Central and South America, from Southern Mexico through Brazil and Bolivia. Also known as zebrawood, due to its distinctive dark grain that resembles tiger or zebra stripes.

Our multi-step buffing process and high-shine Cirolex coating give this handle the deep lustre of a tiger’s eye gemstone. Exotic and rich with contrast, Tigerwood suits both those who favor rustic, woodsy decor, or a sophisticated, city-loft vibe.

About our brushes: We are dedicated to sustainable and ecologically responsible production and do not use animal products in our brushes. Our cruelty-free, hand-knotted Ubersoft III synthetic badger bristles have been proven to carry more lather, apply more softly, and last twice as long as their old badger counterparts.
Why upgrade to an Imperium razor?

Shaving: a daily ritual for most of us, and one that's often overlooked as an act of self-care. The razor you use should be more than a hunk of mass-manufactured plastic.

Each time you pick up an Imperium razor, you'll notice the confidence that stems from treating yourself well. That begins with a well-appointed grooming routine, and tools that are just as much of a pleasure to use as they are to display.

  • Our handles aren't just beautiful: they're designed to fit your grip and counterweight the blade, for a smoother and closer shave
  • We use only sustainable materials and FSC-certified woods in all of our products
Each razor:
  • Is made in the USA in our Baltimore, MD studio
  • Is customized to fit the blade of your choice
  • Is coated with a water-resistant Cirolex finish
  • Includes one free blade cartridge
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • Includes free Priority Mail Shipping (6-8 business days)
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