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The Snow White [Gillette Mach 3]

The Snow White razor handle hand-mixed, lustrous white pearl acrylic. Hand-turned to achieve the perfect shape and balance, both the razor and stand are accented with chrome fittings. The coloring reminds us of the pearl sheen of a blizzard when the sunlight is reflected in just a certain way.  The Snow White makes a beautiful and memorable gift that will be proudly displayed, and frequently used.  Fits Gillette Mach 3 or Venus replacement blades found in any drug store.

Just as with wood, each acrylic handle takes on its own unique bands and veins of color, so each is one-of-a-kind.

Acrylic handles are impervious to water and mold, making them ideal for use or storage in the shower.

Why upgrade to an Imperium razor?

Shaving: a daily ritual for most of us, and one that's often overlooked as an act of self-care. The razor you use should be more than a hunk of mass-manufactured plastic.

Each time you pick up an Imperium razor, you'll notice the confidence that stems from treating yourself well. That begins with a well-appointed grooming routine, and tools that are just as much of a pleasure to use as they are to display.

Our handles aren't just beautiful: they're designed to fit your grip and counterweight the blade, for a smoother and closer shave

We use only sustainable materials and FSC-certified woods in all of our products

  • Made in the USA in our Baltimore, MD 
  • Exclusive water-resistant Cirlex finish
  • Includes a new blade cartridge
  • Arrives in a gift box
  • Free Shipping (5-7 business days)
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