Peak Performance For Men

We all age differently and we all have our own bodies with their individual ups and downs. But we wanted to answer the more general question: At what age does peak performance of endurance, metal ability, and motor skills occur for men? We did our research and talked with people from different fields and the answers we found may surprise you. But first let's uncover the reality of peak fitness for men and explore the ways our bodies and minds can extend and elevate our performance beyond our natural peak fitness curve. 

What is Peak performance

peak fitness can mean different things to different people, and on top of this we all have different bodies that may not follow the average story. That said, we are going to explore what it means to perform our best both mentally and physically . Age is certainly one of the biggest factors as most men are athletically their best around age 25. Mentally peak performance can vary greatly and also depends on the task so it's hard to say at what age your brain performs its best. Standard recognition for men peaks around age 22 for things like name recognition, while facial recognition peaks at age 32 and concentration at 43. But according to the latest research brain power is strongest at age 18. If you are like me the thought of an 18 year old being a titan of mental ability produces an epic eye roll. Just knowing how unimpressive my own cognitive power was at 18 is enough to make me question the science. But there is more to us than ability, experience and training are what define our abilities. So while the physiology might favor the young, winning at life is still an old mans game.  

This is what peak performance looks like

You might want to make a strong finish in an upcoming endurance race or give a great presentation at the meeting. Top performance can mean a lot of different things. To get the most from your body and mind takes purpose and drive. Peak flow happens when a person is at that critical stasis where the mind and body are working in perfect unison. It is when we push to our limit and our actions happen seamlessly as if the movements are embedded and instinctual. Think of Jordan or Biles and you get the idea that these athletes are working on the plane of fully integrated, fully performing, mind and body. And then there art artisans like Wayne Henderson who craft custom guitars and can be said to achieve "flow" while creating his works of art.

How to get yourself to peak levels at any age

Peak performance is a threshold but it is also relative to the person. Someone who is in their forties will have different reactions to physical exertions or extreme focus. However when we are speaking generally the first step is to set a goal. The key is to focus while practicing with the intention that this focus will fall away and become a blank state once the action or thought is naturalized within you. There is no easy answer, and as with most things it comes down to practice, consciousness, focus and finally letting go. Certainly holding yourself to a high standard and being disciplined are the building blocks of everything.

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