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imperium razors: luxury with an edge


We handcraft luxury razors and have partnered with Gillette for an exceptional shaving experience. Buying as a gift?  Explore our blade options:

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premium materials

You won't find any cheap plastic on our products.  Just heirloom woods, stones, and plant-base acrylics with chrome plated fittings. The highest quality materials that will last a generation.

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Cirolex is our custom engineered coating.  Unlike conventional wood finishes it is a water based sealant that cures crystal clear, will never cloud, and is guaranteed for life.

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introducing the aluminum razor

Hand made from a solid block of aluminum

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classic style with modern precision

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Imperium Shaving

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Handcrafted one at a time

Each of our razors is custom made by a skilled craftsmen in Baltimore MD.  We hand select the wood, turn it on a lathe, seal it, assemble it and sanitize for packaging one at a time.  We don't use laser cutters, CNC's or overseas sweatshops to make our products.  Instead we use skills passed down for generations, because for some things the old ways are best.  If you want a cheap. ugly, plastic razor made in China this isn't the place to find it.    

Sustainable woods

We only use wood that is certified sustainable. And donate a portion of our revenue each year to forest conservation.  And we will continue to support  healthy forests and eco friendly innovatio

Built to Last

We take pride in our craftsmanship and want you to be sure that we stand behind our products 100% This is a luxury product so we recommend always wiping your razor dry and storing dry between use.  And never leave your razor in the shower.  If you take care of your razor it will last a long, long time. But rest assured if you ever have a problem we will fix or replace it free. 

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Why buy an Imperium razor?

You've spent time and money to make your home into a comfortable, beautiful space. An Imperium Shaving set compliments your style and won't be a rubbery plastic eyesore you have to hide when guests come over. As for the shave itself, no cheap subscription blade comes close to a Mach 3 or Fusion blade. That's why we make them fit these blades specifically because we want, and make, the best.

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