Natural Elements: Wood | Stone | Metal

We use the best material possible for all of our razors:
Our wood is sustainable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council but it is also beautiful. We use triple A exotic hardwoods with highly figured grain and one of a kind coloring. We partner with a saw mill in Pennsylvania and only use hand selected heartwood to give us dense, gorgeous lumber ready to turn.
We use stone from Arizona including Turquoise, Malachite, and Marble that comes from a family owned company who specialize in stabilized stone. The precious stone we use is hand cut and mined according to small operation, low impact standards. You can be sure our genuine stone is sourced 100% in the USA from an ethical, sustainable family mine. 
The hardware we use is triple plated nickle and made to our exact specifications to fit Gillette blades and double edge cartridges. Our metal will not rust or pit and caps our beautiful handles with precision. A smooth, clean shave depends on good hardware and we use real metal parts. 
Quality is what we build our reputation on and we stand behind everything we make. We take pride in our razors and want you to use and display them with the same pride and satisfaction.  
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