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A quick primer on cartridge blades

DISPOSABLE RAZOR CARTRIDGES (see below for Double Edge)

We've selected to partner with Gillette because they make the best blades you can buy. If you are buying for someone who shaves with Harry's or Dollar Shave Club, it probably isn't because they LOVE the blades. It's more than likely they switched from Gillette to one of the subscription services because of cost.  

Gillette hasn't done a great job marketing it, but they have created a subscription service as well.  We recommend the Gillette 3 and Gillette 5 razors for two reasons.  Their quality is better than the competitors, and they are not overpriced with "technology" that no one really needs.  

So, feel free to buy an Imperium razor and pick either a Fusion or Mach 3.  We put a blade in their gift box for those first couple shaves.  Tell them about the Gillette subscription.  Here are the two links we recommend:

Gillette 5 - Fits Fusion head.  $1.31 per blade with subscription!!!

Gillette 3 - Fits Mach 3 head.  $1.31 per blade with subscription!!!

The price point for the 3 and 5 series is significantly less than both Harry's and Dollar Shave Club.  So, go ahead an get them a unique gift they they will cherish and let them know how they can shave with a better blade for less cost.  

If you think they'll need the precision trimmer (that single blade on top of the cartridge for tougher to reach spots), then they can subscript for the Gillette Fusion 5 for the same cost as the other services - and they'll have a handle they can truly call one-of-a-kind.


The classic Double Edge blade is for shaving aficionados who want a classic and technical wet shave. This is the razor your father and grandfather used and it still delivers a close, smooth shave in an elegant form. Buy this razor type if your gift recipient shaves with a shave brush, collects beard oils, shave soaps and aftershaves.  Many younger men are switching to double edge razors because:

  • It carries on the heritage of traditional shaving.
  • The cost of the blades are literally pennies.
  • It is the most sustainable way to shave 





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