How to get rid of razor bumps and avoid razor burn.

We’ve all been there. You want to look your absolute best for that awesome date, or important interview and the perception all begins on whether not your face is smooth. And you feel that pit in your stomach – because every single time you shave you get razor bumps or razor burn and that's not a good look. 

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Have no fear. Once you understand what is going on with your face you can learn how to get rid of razor bumps and avoid razor burn. Of course – it helps if you have a great double edge razor!

What are razor bumps?

Men’s facial hair often grows at a low angle to the skin. Men with thick or curly hair are especially prone to bumps a condition called Pseudofolliculitis barbae. This results in a red bump and skin irritation but don't worry they're not dangerous just annoying. 

What causes razor bumps?

2 main things:

  • YOU SHAVE TOO CLOSE: For most of us getting a close shave is ideal and the multi-blade cartridges from Gillette that lift the hair are great for a smooth shave. But for the select few who struggle with bumps your chances for the hair to curl under the skin and crate the razor bump increases with closeness. If you have sensitive skin or curly hair you may want to switch to a double edge blade that cuts on a 30 degree angle with only one blade.
  • YOU SHAVE AGAINST THE GRAIN: Again, in the quest for the smoothest face possible you end up shaving both with and against the hair grain.  When you shave against the grain the blade pulls the hair UP and away from the skin so once again you are cutting the hair below the surface of the skin.
Shaving with the grain to avoid razor bumps



If you do not have super curly, thick hair or sensitive skin, a Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion will work great for you. They are convenient and easy to use and shave super close. However, if you have a history of razor burn and bumps you should learn how to shave with a safety razor.  Why?

A double edge blade will never lift your hair. The blade is designed to cut at the correct angle directly on the surface of your skin with a single blade. 

Be gentle. No need to press hard. Let the weight of the handle do the work and have the blade pull gently down your face


  1. Whether you cold water shave or hot water shave make sure you use a quality shave cream. Get your face nice and wet. Use a washcloth.
  2. Invest in a shaving brush. Rub the lather onto your face in a circular motion.  This will soften up the facial hairs and make them less susceptible to pulling.
  3. Make sure you razor is sharp and clean before you start and rinse the razor AFTER EACH STROKE. You don’t want the hairs stuck in the blade get between the blade and your skin.  A dull blade will absolutely cause irritation
  4. SHAVE WITH THE GRAIN.  Don’t go over the same spot multiple times. 
  5. Rinse with COLD water and use a nice moisturize when done to calm your skin down.




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