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Razor Care

Keep Your Imperium Razor looking sharp

As with anything that is handmade from natural materials, the right care is essential to ensure a long, trouble-free life. With the proper care, your Imperium razor handle can become a true family heirloom. 

Just remember these two easy Razor Care rules: 


Sure you can get it wet when you shave, that’s to be expected. But when you’re finished, always wipe it dry and store it hanging or laying in a dry place. Never leave your Imperium razor handle in the shower or on a wet surface. 



Imperium razor handles are engineered to fit today’s best razor cartridges. But sometimes a cartridge head will stick after use. Never use force to pull the cartridge off the head of the handle. Remove all blades carefully.

Two rules aren’t too much. But if you should ever have a problem with your Imperium razor handle, we’re here to help. Contact us with questions or concerns. And if your handle ever breaks, remember: We’ll fix it for free because we build the best razors on earth and that's guaranteed. 

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