5 Very simple fashion rules to always follow


Know Your Classics

If you want to achieve the perfect look, start by sorting your closet to be sure you have the basics: white t-shirts, black t-shirts, business shirts, business jacket, pants, jeans… With the right classic clothes, you’ll be able to mix and match several outfits.

the simple white t shirt

 White T-shirts Are a Must

 Wearing white t-shirts is perfect for a   casual outfit or for a more formal look if   you wear it under a shirt. You don’t   want to use your fun beer-illustrated t-   shirt under your business shirt! Besides, white t-shirts aren’t too expensive, even if you choose the ones with the best quality (avoid see-through fabric).


Don’t Tuck Your T-shirt

While a business shirt has to be tucked in your pants for a professional look, t-shirts are more casual. To achieve a relaxed but stylish look, it’s best to leave it loose, on top of your jeans or short. Of course, if you decide to wear a white t-shirt under your work jacket, for a more “casual Friday” look, you’re allowed to tuck it. Just be careful it’s not too long and makes too many folds in your pants.

Be Smart When Buying Your Shirts

You decided to buy a few shirts for work? Be smart about it and buy the best quality you can, even if it means buying three shirts instead of five. If you choose the right size, style and patterns, these shirts will last you for years and allows you to adapt your style.
Focus on one classic white shirt, one with patterns (grid patterns are safer) and one pastel-colored shirt (grey or blue for example). And always choose long sleeved shirts! Short-sleeved ones are for children: you’re an adult, roll up your sleeves…

Aim for a Timeless Wardrobe

It’s always tempting to buy the last trend that you see in every store and on social media. But what if you splurge on an outfit that becomes obsolete in a few weeks? Stick to timeless fashion and classic colors.







Sources: fashionbeans.com, Tom Koszyk

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