Carmelo Guastella’s Shaving Tips

Swap your beard for a close shave with advice from artistic barber and male grooming expert Carmelo Guastella.

Prep like a pro

“Preparation is key when shaving, so maybe have a shower first to soften your hairs,” says Guastella. “The softer the hairs, the easier the shave ,plus you’re going to add extra hydration to your skin. You don’t want to shave skin that’s dry because that way you’re going to end up ripping your skin off.”

Top technique

“Try not to use more than one or two strokes on any one area,” says Guastella. “Give it a nice stroke with a clean blade and go to the next part of the face. Pull your skin and follow the hair growth – at least for the first stroke. If you want it closer, go across and maybe even against it if your skin permits it.”

Post-shave care

“While you’ve had your beard your skin may have been lacking moisture, so use a moisturising aftershave balm to boost hydration at the end of your shave,” says Guastella. “And don’t just use a moisturiser when you shave: using it every morning and again in the evening will make shaving easier.”

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