When you’re traveling it's important to pack smart. you could just toss your toothbrush and razor into your suitcase and hope it survives the trip.  Lets face it your a grown man, time to step up and pack a dopp kit.  Trust us it will make traveling much more convenient and you will have everything you need and won't have to walk down to the front desk in the morning and sheepishly ask for a comb.   The best part of having a Dopp is that you can keep it packed and just grab it when you have to leave.  

Here are some essentials to keep packed so you can be ready to leave in a moments notice and join the jet set crowd the second they come calling.  Now your personal kit will contain more than what we have here, like your medicines, creams, cologne, etc but these are the necessities you will need to have

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Waking up with bed head late for a meeting and trying to get straight without a comb is near impossible. Pack a plastic comb that can withstand getting tossed around.

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Many times you have gone out thinking "its not that sunny out" only to be literally burned hours later. Do yourself a favor and keep a small sized sunscreen in your kit to be ready when the sun shines

Marvis - ToothbrushTRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH

You will need a toothbrush.  Its best to buy an extra small travel brush and keep it in your kit along with a small tube of tooth paste. But you already knew this one.


Its not 1960 anymore so you need to wear deodorant.  We recommend only using the aluminum free type but any kind will do when traveling. You can find small travel sizes in any grocery store.


We sell razors, but even if we didn't this would be an essential.  Pack without the blade attached and just wrap in a cloth or stow inside your Dopp kit pocket. You don't want to have to run down to the hotel store at 7 am so don't forget your shaver. 

Mack's EarAmmo Foam Ear Plugs for Men (NRR 30) (3 Pairs)


When you are traveling you never know what the sleeping conditions might be like. Do yourself a favor and have a set of earplugs in your Dopp just in case.


*The Dopp kit as our title picture is made by Bermuda SF

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