Building the perfect lather for your shave

Getting the perfect shave lather can be an elusive affair. Yes, you can shave without it and some even prefer a dry shave but for a truly trans-formative experience a good rich soapy lather is essential. Try it once, hopefully with a soft brush, and it will instantly a be part of your shaving routine forever. If you are still using shaving cream from a can of compressed air stop now and read this guide.


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A good shaving soap is a must, we like all natural solid soaps used with a shaving mug, but some soft soaps and oils are just as good. Soaking the soap is important, as it softens it up to allow it to be loaded on the shaving brush. Start by soaking a small piece of the soap puck in a bowl or shaving mug in an equally small amount of warm water.  Its important to note; the more water you use the more lather you get so it is also a matter of preference. Some men do this first step while they shower allowing the mixture ample time but a minute or two is all it takes.


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Using a shaving brush is another essential for getting a good lather. We don't care what type of shave brush you use but please use a good one!  If you think the $20 brush you got at target will work think again. There is nothing worse than rubbing a stiff, straw like brush on your face. Silver tipped badger shave brushes are renowned for their shaving prowess, but now synthetics are just as good, if not better (here is our breakdown of different shaving brushes). Run the shaving brush under water and flick it once to remove any excess. Drain the water from your mug of soap and plunge the brush into the bowl. A quick circular motion and a few plunges will build up a good head of foam.  Your brush should be well coated at this point but remember the main part of building the lather happens on the face.



It's time to build the final lather by swirling the soap and water mixer in the cup or on your face. This process should take about 30 seconds, dip the brush into water as needed. Its important to note the lather will not be as dense as the grocery store can-o- foam but it will give you a much better glide. The final texture should form small peaks when you draw the brush up but don't worry if its a little loose.


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Small circles will help you draw your facial hair up. The more you use your soap and shaving brush the more you will learn the difference of mixtures and timing. This is a process to enjoy, make it a thoughtful, self care ritual that makes you slow down in the rush of a hectic morning. This is how we are meant to shave and once you try it we know you won't go back.  

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