What Does Beard Oil Do?

We tell you what beard oil actually does

Back in the day a lot of men had beards and let them grow wild and free, this was great when we were were trekking in the mountains for months at a time trapping furs or sailing on Viking ships in the freezing water. It was simple then and you grew a beard to stay warm and because shaving and grooming took a back seat to...survival.

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Thankfully today shaving is far easier and beards are more of a choice than a necessity. No longer do you have to walk the prairie looking for food, grow a grizzly beard, become sun scorched and die a leathery mess because today we have sneakers, sun screen, and the ever important beard oil. Although it is often an after thought for those who are new to the bearded life style beard oil is essential in keeping your hair in good shape.

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So what does beard oil do? First it nourishes and moisturizes the skin under the beard. Think of your skin as the base layer for your beard and beard oil helps to feed that foundation. A healthy beard starts with healthy, moisturized skin, a good beard oil that is light and uses all natural ingredients is imperative to beard maintenance. Secondly, beard oil and beard balms will keep your hair follicles moisturized and keep your beard smooth, and soft and, if used daily, those random hairs that stick straight out will be tamed into a majestic waterfall of hair. If you use a scented oil it will give your beard a subtle hint for that extra step of grooming magic just beware to stay away from beard balms with heavy aromas. That's really all there is to it; beard oil simply keeps your skin and hair moisturized, tamed and smooth. As a shaving company we can't recommend you grow a beard but if you insist then at least put some effort into keeping it nice. 

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