Shaving with Cold Water

Why shaving with cold water is better for you

Shaving tips from Imperium Ever jump into a cold plunge bath?  The 59 degree (f) temperature is a complete shock to your system.  Your skin starts to tingles after just 10-15 seconds as you squirm just to keep your legs from climbing those stairs and back into the warmth of a sauna or hot tub. So why do fitness gurus and spas across the country encourage this seemingly masochistic behavior?


shaving with cold water

Because super cold water is FANTASTIC for you muscles and skin.  It is even proven to boost your mood. So what does that have to do with shaving?

Hot water feels nice. The general consensus is that It softens hair and supposedly gives you a more comfortable shave. But what if that comfort comes at a cost?  What if hot water actually isn’t the best way to shave and our fathers got it wrong?

Shaving cold has many benefits. You will experience less irritation, your pores will stay closed, and your stubble with stay stiff.  Think about that for a sec.  Why do we want our whiskers to be soft?  It is so much harder to cut through something that is flexible and bendy.  A stiff whisker makes for an easier cut. To quote Billie Eilish, “Duh”.  Your first cut you will feel a little tug. That is because your razor isn’t slipping over the surface of your hair, but cutting through it. This will reduce the number of passes you need. Plus your skin will contract due to the coldness so you’ll have less irritation, razor burn, or razor bumps. Sound good?

And here is some science. Hot water will make your blade dull more quickly.  Sure, a warm blade feels good. But heating up that metal also makes it’s molecules expand (heat + metal = expansion). Expansion will make your blade dull. Cold water on the other hand makes metal……stay with me…. .contract!  That gives the metal a sharper edge and a longer life. So if you hate spending money on blades, why not get 3-4  more shaves out of your blade?

Do you shave with a brush? You can whip up a good lather in cold water just as much as hot water. The cold water will keep those brush hairs a bit stiffer and are less likely to slip out of the handle (which would never happen with our premium synthetic brushes).

So give it a try. It takes a bit to get used to but your skin will thank you for it.

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