The Oslo Aluminum Shave Set
The Oslo Aluminum Shave Set
The Oslo Aluminum Shave Set
The Oslo Aluminum Shave Set
The Oslo Aluminum Shave Set

The Oslo Aluminum Shave Set



Material: Aluminum 
Blades: Fusion, Mach 3, Venus, Double Edge
  • Handmade in Baltimore, MD
  • Limited edition 
  • Matching razor and stand
  • Perfectly balanced handle for a smoother shave
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • One new blade included
  • Guaranteed to last

Our obsession for fine razor making is the driving force behind the Oslo brushed aluminum shaving kit. Sleek, refined, and modern, this is the most exclusive shaving set we sell. We start with a  solid block of aluminum that is drilled and filled with a hand turned wooden core, this provides a subtle spring to the handle and gives it the perfect weight and balance. The wood cored aluminum block is then turned on a metal lathe by a skilled artisan into a straight metal handle with slight tapering at the crests. Each handle has a distinct brushed pattern that is handmade with a sharp file and keen eye. We take three days of production to turn metal and wood into a into a tool of style and precision. Handcrafted one at a time until it is perfect, the Oslo is capped with dark metal fittings to accent the brushed surface and has a precise and solid balance. Available for Gillette and double edge blades for the ultimate shaving experience.

There is a long and intensive process that goes into turning metal by hand. Most modern metal work is done using water jet CNC rigs and computerized lathes. Our razors, however, are made using hand tools and mechanical, hand operated lathes following traditional methods passed down through generations. 

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