Are Gillette blades too expensive? actually, no.

We have all had that unfortunate experience of running in to buy razor cartridges only to be stopped cold by the sticker shock. Years back Gillette was the only game in town and they squeezed the consumer because they made (and make) the best blades you can get and those bastards new it! However in the past few years some sprite competitors have come up and given Gillette a reason to worry, and forced them to change their pricing model. While these new shaving systems like the well financed Harry's and Dollar Shave Club seem like they would be real trouble for Gillette, but the fact is their blades can't compete. This is the main reason why Imperium Shaving chose to partner with Gillette; because they are the best. And now that Gillette is lowering prices across the board and introducing lines like the Gillette 3 and Gillette 5 the sticker shock is no longer a thing.

Gillette cartridges in subscription box

Now, we at Imperium have to say, Gillette sucks at advertising, they have done almost nothing to market their lower prices while pushing razors like their new bulky and useless heated razor. They seem a little slow, and arrogant, when it comes to realizing what the consumer wants: a great shave at a reasonable price. For years they gave us the great shave part and now they are giving us the great price... finally. Click to see the price breakdown in our blades section. If you want the closest shave you can get the Gillette Mach 3, Gillette Venus and Gillette Fusion simply can't be beat. The Dollar Shave Club razors (really 6 dollars shave club) sells wholesale razors that Dorco used to sell for years. People knew about Dorco razors and the overall impression was "meh" but then they got hooked up with a smart marketing guy and some ad money and things took off. Harry's has even more ad money and they've used it to convince people their razors work well, the problem is they don't. They blade angle and width make them prone to pulling when shaving. And the way the Harry's blades attach to the razor is cheap and clunky. But the have good ads and colorful handles so people like them. So the moral is; don't be afraid to buy Gillette, they aren't nearly as expensive as they used to be and the shaving technology is amazing. I just hope Gillette realizes they need to actually tell people that they have pricing options when it comes to getting the best shave. 

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  • There still no reason for 4 blades to from 7 to 11 to 14 now 18 dollars for Fusion…

    Keith on

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