We rank our favorite bar games

The top 5 bar games of all time

We love bars and we love hanging with our friends at bars but its even better when you have a game to play. We aren't talking about beer pong or quarters but actual bar sanctioned entertainment. So, here is our ranking of the best bar games around today

Shuffleboard bar games

#5 Shuffleboard was once a very popular bar game in America but as times changed and floor space became a more valuable it started to wane in the 1970's and 80's. Fortunately it has been making a comeback in recent years. We have a special connection with the game because the tables are a crafted piece of art. We like the boards from Hudson because they are made in the USA and look amazing. The rules are simple and the competition can be intense with the right mix of people. 

darts and a dartboard

#4 Darts can be great but we aren't talking about just throwing to see who can come closest to the bulls eye like a lot of people play. If you go by the actual rules the game takes on a technical aspect that makes it the perfect combination of strategy and skill.Its best played in small groups and even better if there is some money at stake. 


axe throwing

#3 This is a new one to a lot of cities but some of us have been throwing axes for years. The rise of urban indoor ax ranges/ bars is one of the best ways to spend a rowdy Friday night. We know alcohol and hatchets don't sound like a good combination but try it and you will be an instant convert and its a lot easier than it seems. 


pinball in a bar for our best bar games blog on imperium shaving custom razors

#2 Pinball is getting harder to find in a lot of newer bars. Thankfully there are still a few places that have an old deck tucked away in the corner. Pinball is great when you need to focus on something and clear your mind at the same time. The simple play of paddles amid the complex electronic arrangements makes this a perfect way to zone out. Double points if you can find a machine from the late 70's.

                                                        Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

pacman video game

#1 You thought it was going to be pool right? Nope, our top spot goes to Ms. PacMan. There is nothing better than sipping a cold beer and outrunning ghosts all while trying to get your name up in the credits. Its important to find one with the correct speed calibration, bonus if it only costs 25 cents to play, double bonus if its a sit down model!





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