Handmade razor for Gillette Fusion made from precious malachite stone
The Serpentine Razor (Malachite )
malachite gemstone razor for gillette fusion
The Serpentine Razor (Malachite )
The Serpentine Razor (Malachite )
The Serpentine Razor (Malachite )

The Serpentine Razor (Malachite )


Precious Stone Razors

Material: Malachite gemstone 
Blades: Fusion, Mach 3, Venus, Double Edge

  • Handmade in NC
  • Limited edition 
  • Perfectly balanced handle for a smoother shave
  • Exclusive, water-resistant Cirolex finish
  • Crafted from precious stone
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • One new blade included
  • Guaranteed 

Our Serpentine gemstone razor, crafted from opaque, green-banded Malachite crystal exudes a distinctive and dynamic style. The razor's precious gemstone handle reflects an undeniable elegance and showcases the exceptional level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into each Imperium razor.

Renowned as a timeless classic and benchmark of excellence in razor making, Imperium razors are the epitome of sophistication and luxury. Each Serpentine gemstone razor is meticulously hand-turned to create a perfectly balanced and well-crafted tool that elevates any grooming routine.

Indulge in the ultimate shaving experience with our Serpentine gemstone razor and enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and functionality that only Imperium can provide.

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