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The Terra Razor
The Terra Razor
The Terra Razor
The Terra Razor
The Terra Razor

The Terra Razor



Material: Precious resin 
Blades: Fusion, Mach 3, Venus, Double Edge
  • Handmade in Baltimore, MD
  • Perfectly balanced handle for a smooth shave
  • Exclusive, water resistant Cirolex finish
  • Crafted from FSC sustainable hardwood
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • One new blade included
  • Heavy chrome fittings
  • Guaranteed for life

Possibly the finest razors on the market today, Imperium razors are known for their unrivaled reputation for quality, style, and craftsmanship. Our razors are hand built in the USA for someone who is looking for a great shave in a stylish razor that will compliment their daily routine. Imperium razors are an investment in style and American craftsmanship. Our "Terra" line of razors is made from hand mixed acrylic to look like the Earth from outer Space. Featuring stunning blue, white, gold and red swirls, you won't find anything close to the brilliant look of this highly crafted shaver. Each  razor is one of a kind and made to fit Gillette and double edge blades. This is the essential high end razor that perfectly embodies high end shaving and classic men's grooming.  


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