The Vail Razor
The Vail Razor
The Vail Razor
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The Vail Razor
The Vail Razor

The Vail Razor


Artisan Razors made in the USA

Material: Precious resin
Blades: Gillette Fusion, Mach 3, Venus

  • Handmade in Baltimore, MD
  • Perfectly balanced handle for a smooth shave
  • Exclusive, water-resistant Cirolex finish
  • Crafted from hand-mixed resin
  • Arrives in a luxury gift box
  • Heavy Chrome Fittings
  • One new blade included
  • Guaranteed 
  • Includes free shipping

Our Vail razors feature a refined palette of flawless white with thin, deep black ribbons intersecting in random patterns across the handle. Available for Gillette blades, this is a work of art that perfectly embodies luxury shaving and classic men's grooming in a one-of-a-kind shaving tool.  

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