Why Harry's razors suck

Harry's razors are garbage

You know Harry's, they are the razor brand created by two tech entrepreneurs who raised 250 million in start up funds and bought a German factory to produce cheaper blades and challenge Gillette and Schick. When they first started, Harry's spent a LOT of money on marketing. This is typical and other brands like Bevel have admitted they spend more on advertising and packaging than the actual product. At Imperium we do the opposite of this strategy. Yes packaging and marketing are important but the product should always comes first. 

 HARRY'S RAZORS ARE MADE IN CHINA (but they try to make you think they're not)

When Harry's first started we were rooting for them, and thought a challenge was good for the industry and we still believe this (we are especially excited about the new Jeremy's razors although they might be Chinese razors too). And in fact Harry's has made Gillette change and reduce their razor prices. But our hopes for this well funded start up quickly faded as we realized that they were all smoke and no substance. Harry's takes every chance they can to tell you about their German factory, but look closely at that razor and you see it: Made in China. But don't worry they are "designed in the USA" whatever that means. Now we aren't sure if the actual blades are made in Germany or China but, at best, their marketing is misleading and it's clear Harry's tries to play the virtuous underdog while sourcing from China like everyone else (except Imperium Shaving).


But that's just a small part of our problem with Harry's, our main point is; they just don't shave very well. Harry's blades, from our testing, tend to pinch the hair instead of cutting it clean. On countless shaving forums customers have complained about the "Harry's pinch" and telling stories of razor burn and discomfort. It seems the wet shaving community has a negative opinion of the Harry's blade system and often criticize Harry's for a lack of quality blades and a bad cutting angle.     


Not to pile up but why don't Harry's blades lock in? When you attached a blade to the handle it just sits there. Now this isn't to say that the blade head is loose but the cartridge is definitely not securely locked in. It seems strange that a razor wouldn't secure its most important part.


If you want a rubbery, plastic razor that doesn't cut well then for sure get a Harry's razor. But there is a better way. We don't need to surround ourselves with cheap plastic, we can have beautiful things that are also functional. We don't have to settle for bad design with good marketing. We can have a sustainable, well made product and make shaving a ritual to enjoy.  


Harry's claim to fame is how cheap their blades are. The goal is to lock customers in a subscription service that runs about $2 each. And even though the selling point for Harry's is the good price this isn't that great of a deal. Most Gillette blades run about $1.50-$2.50 each, so the best blades on earth are in THE SAME PRICE RANGE! We have an in depth breakdown you can check out here. The bottom line is that with Harry's you get a bad shave and you don't save any money.

If you still don't like Gillette we reccomond signing up for a jeremy's razor and please use the link HERE when you sign up! It will help us get their attention so we can offer their blade on our handles!


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  • I’ve recently had been buying Harry’s because nothing seemed to cut without leaving razer burned. Now when I go into Walmart to buy some, they only carry the five bladed replacement with only 4 to a container. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with Harry’s and their high price product. I’m outta here!

    Jack on
  • First shave sliced up my face, bleeding all over. Thought it was a one off, tried a diff razor, nope.
    Even as they break in they don’t shave any smoother. Hands down the worst shaving experience of any brand.

    Him7 on
  • I tried Harry’s razors and the 1st few shaves were great, but I have noticed I am starting to get a burning sensation all day long after shaving. The cartridges seem much more plastic & cheap feeling against my skin. I bought a 12 blade refill & I plan on using each blade maybe twice to exhaust my supply & then I’m switching back to Gillette.

    Curtis Hardy on
  • While the Harry’s brand is heavily marketed, the product leaves much to be desired. The 2-In-1 Shampoo and Conditioner dries out your hair, the razors cut the bridge of your nose, and their post shave balm smells like a foot. I’ve had better shaves with Bic Silky Touch.

    xmiguelx on
  • I agree the razor is junk.

    Mitch R on

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