Self care and grooming resolutions to keep in the new year

It's the year 2020 so we all have flying cars and can transport across the world in a matter of minutes. And the best part of living in the future is that all our grooming and self care needs are handled by robots! Well, no things aren't as far along as the Jetson's had promised, but thankfully self care solutions have come a long way in the past ten years. Here is Imperium Shaving's list of easy ways to keep your grooming game strong in 2020

Take care of your skin

A lot of us grew up washing our face with bar soap and that was only when it absolutely had to be washed. Today we know better, and a daily skin care routine is essential to keeping your face clean and your skin young. Start with a gentle facial cleanser, and follow with a serum. We like Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid followed by light a moisturizer with at least SPF 30. It may sound a little excessive to most men but if you do this daily you will immediately notice the results. 


Shave with a good razor

This is an easy one, shave with a razor that shaves close, won't give you razor burn and feels good in your hand. Consumer testing has shown Gillette blades overwhelmingly have the highest rating among users. Getting a good shave depends on using a quality blade and the right type of blade, for instance if you are prone to razor bumps you should be shaving with a double edge safety razor because it cuts at a 30 degree angle (see our in depth post about this here) But shaving isn't just about the blades, as part of your daily ritual you should be shaving with something that looks as good as it shaves and start your day right.

Use after shave

If you are among those of us who shave with warm water and run out the door you are not alone. But as part of your new years resolution try using a natural aloe after shave like Baxter's after shave balm. When you start using a post shave balm your face will feel refreshed and soft all day long.

Bearded men need to use beard oil

Using beard oil for you beard is an absolute necessity. Beard oil keeps your hair tame, soft, and conditioned. It also moisturizes the neglected skin under your beard. If you want that extra look of refinement and control a good all natural beard oil is a wise investment.

Use a quality hair paste

We aren't teenagers anymore so a little hair gel and a thick coating of Axe body spray isn't going to cut it. Now that the new year has come try upgrading your hair care with a sculpting paste. There are a lot of pastes on the market so try a few and see which works for you. The best part about this type of hair care is it will style your hair without turning it into a crunchy hair helmet. 

Use a solid shampoo bar

If you look at the ingredients on you shampoo bottle the number 1 ingredient is water. Water in fact makes up most of your shampoo, instead of paying $15 for a plastic bottle of water we like the latest innovation (we've used with great success)  solid shampoo bars. To use it you just rub the bar on your wet hair a couple times and wash as normal. The best part about this new type of shampoo and conditioners is that they come package free so it's great for your hair and great for the planet! 



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